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Opening hours in America/ the United States

The regulation of opening hours diverges from country to country. In the US / North America there is not such a strict regulation as one knows out of other countries, as Germany for example. The U.S. states are free to conduct their own law.
There are a few products, which are not for sale the whole night on. The sale of those articles is regulated by the blue law. Alcoholic beverages and spirits are not available all the time as well as cars and car services, though the legislation differs between certain states of the U.S.

A limit is also set by a law protecting the rights of religious groups to spend their traditional worship. The blue law covers the protection of Sundays, thus it is comparable to the German Ladenschutzgesetz. In some states the sale of alcoholics is forbidden on days like that. In Israel it is the Saturday and not the Sunday and in Islamic culture the Ramadan is gratified as an exceptional time of the year. Thus the legislation watches for minority rights.

Las Vegas is a case of the other liberal extreme: This city is known for its 24-hour all around the clock, local culture. Gaming and tourism are dominating; many people are working in over-night shifts. They have to do their shopping independent of day or night times. The state of Nevada has no law in regard to operating hours. Vegas is famous for its consumerism without limits.